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an update... [Nov. 30th, 2010|01:32 am]
[mood |depresseddepressed]

well up until now I've tried to really be a part of the rave scene but its causing more problems to/for me more then anything else... people i used to be friends with getting lost in the drug use and forgetting who got them into the scene... I personally thought me being a DJ would help me open up to others...yet everyone looks at me like an asshole because im quiet and stick to myself 90% of the time...its been like that since the DDR days... Its been a very lonesome summertime up until now... Empty emotions.. forms of expressions and other negativity... i personally don't know what to do or expect aside from just playing music that these E-tards will dance to... but hey... who am I to complain eh?

Life outside of the scene..

Work is not really much of a hassle. had an arrest at my new school last monday. the kid had some xanax and cigars... the process took too long though..

The friend i used to know are doing their own thing... I barely get a "Yo chris whats up man? when are you free to hang out?"... It may seem like a cry for attention... but it seems now the only thing i have is my video games , work and spinning music... i remember a time when i had so much more then that...

I had a spinal procedure done about 3 weeks ago... one of the discs in my back were dangerously out of place...had to get some injections in my back in order to make the disc fall back into place...

Thanksgiving this year was terrible..my grandmother is in the hospital because of her leg and no one in my family cooked...and i was pretty much by myself eating pizza and chicken tenders... no one hit me up to invite me anywhere...

The year hasn't been great to me at all... its been nothing but sadness and downfalls.. speaking with people on the level im on is not easy at all.. people look at me like im a dick..meanwhile no one knows about my struggles or the shit i had to endure and the large amounts of money ive lost... but hey... it is what it is right??

The only possible upside to end this year off is me being on the line up with a rave legend frankie bones this saturday at global warning at the paul robeson theater... its 15$ all night if your interested in going... all the details are on facebook... if anyone still uses this thing.. It'd be great to see you there

Hopefully 2011 will treat me better
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It's been quite some time [Jul. 5th, 2009|01:15 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

As of recently I have signed up for school safety starting in the academy this fall and im heading to japan this coming august from the 11th - 21st... Just started cutting weight and so far its going well i suppose...

Been doing alot of vintage video game collecting and finding more japanese gaming consoles...I recently purchased a famicom from ebay for like 60$ and im still looking for more stuff to collect as far as NES , SNES , Sega genesis etc goes..

I've been learning how to mod arcade sticks for SFIV and been planning on opening my own gym this fall..

Relationship wise its been pretty rocky but what relationship isnt ??? We all have our flaws right??

Nonetheless being that im back on LJ i might be posting when i land in japan in august!

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Update? I guess so [Oct. 17th, 2008|12:14 am]
Nothing really new aside from having a GF...its been a month and im enjoying it so far...Recently ive been involved in alot of gaming and meet ups and lots of parties...one of the biggest things coming up is My Trip to japan...im still looking for people who are interested and willing to start saving for it...


The trip will be from august 12-24th

and yeah...thats about it
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2 things [Aug. 18th, 2008|04:54 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

This Past weekend was off the hook... Went to TGA to hang out with some friends i havent seen in a while and of course play some IIDX and a bunch of Dance sims.. The drinking , the video gaming , the beijing olympics and making fun of names and ppl LMAO good times..

Now im coming to discuss other matters... Why is it when I stick to myself and get into gaming like i should.. people randomly send IM's or messages saying im calling people out on their shit... First off I haven't bashed on anyone in QUITE a very very VERY fucking long time... I'm pretty much trying to keep myself in a humble state of mind to avoid conflict...not to be involved in it.. So whoever believe's that its fun to bash on someone who's trying to better themselves.. do yourself a fucking favor and grow the fuck up...

I just fucking turned 21 and this is the shit i have to deal with...especially when i have a cold , i have an assload of pressure on my head and my ear canal's feel like theyre about to slide out of my ass

Any suggestions ? Write em now
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Damn finally 21 [Aug. 11th, 2008|12:23 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

This weekend was just fuckin great...Thanks to everyone who came out...

Friday my group and I headed to the buffet and ate out asses off...after finishing the meal we were over charged 210$+ considering that a few ppl ordered beers and whatnot..but of course we gotta love how chinese buffets treat people who they think dont know shit about pricing... we paid and vowed never to go there again... next we headed to the hookah bar on linden and fresh pond road... and smoked up.. Juju , don , jacup , will , dee jay and more ppl arrived.. out of no where ashe and the management of the hookah bar bring out a cake for me... MAAAAD RANDOM... continued smoking for a while..then headed home.

Saturday was where hell broke loose...friends met up at my place and andrew swapped my 20 for a 120gig hdd.. and we headed to my dad's place in east NY...I cleaned up my bed a lil bit.. ate food.. started drinking..jumped in the pool.. more and more ppl showed up and hung out...albert , melinda ,chris , mike , kris , josh , diego , rico , roberto and andrew crashed out at my dads place for the night after the UFC event and drank and played unreal tournament , guitar hero , and gears.. nonetheless it was a great weekend

Sunday morning.. this is the highlight of all highlights (Random retarded guy walks into the chinese restaurant) "This really bites...Excuse me sir! Can i get 10$ for mass? But i need it for church!!!!" (walks out) My group = LMAO
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Ugh...im gonna be 21 in a week? xD [Jul. 29th, 2008|09:56 am]
SO yeah...I turn 21 august 9th...and I know for a fact there's very few people that care...anyways.. If anyone actually wants to get me a gift...lets make it simple

X-Box live points = either a 1600 or 4000 point card will be perfectly fine considering I download alot of shit from xbox live

Playstation network cards = Samething applies here for PS3

Fatal frame 1-3

Any RANDOM classic Vintage game (SNES , NES , Genesis , etc)

Trauma center :new blood (wii) I lost my copy while attending animenext

King of fighter Maximum impact Ps2

King of fighters 2006

King of fighters 2000/2001

Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360) i cant find this game anywhere :(

Any mixed martial arts books!!! and i emphasize on this

Anything Hokuto no ken (fist of the north star) , Baki the grappler , Hajime no ippo , Street fighter or king of fighters related.. books , posters , statues etc

On august 8th (even tho i know alot of people are going to otacon) im meeting up with people to go to an all you can eat buffet in ridgewood then go smoke hookah afterwards...

On the 9th My dad is throwin a UFC party at his place for me...we have a swimming pool in the backyard a nice HDTV in the basement and were gonna have lots of food and drinks..

if you actually plan on attending jus let me know...or surprise me
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The Boston Trip [Jun. 9th, 2008|02:06 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Let's Just say this past weekend was bad ass....I had a blast hanging out with Manny , Javi , Manny etc....

At about 4:30am Friday morning i left my house and headed into chinatown and got there around 6am i got to canal and got some food and headed to the fung wah station...I got there at EXACTLY 6:30 where the first bus was leaving.. WIN!!! So i told roman ill be there in a few hours.. I managed to get there at 10:45 - 11:00am which was NOT bad at all.. hung out with roman and 2 of his boys at his house.. We went to a bowling alley to play some ITG for a while and met up with more of roman's friends... Two of his friends ericka and tally...They were pretty cool... Considering i had a lack of sleep and i was exhausted from ITG...playing wild files... we ended up heading to romans for some halo and headed to TGI fridays....the steak and fries FTW great meal... headed back to romans and crashed out

Saturday 11am me and roman wake up simultaneously..showered up and got ready for tga...our ride showed up roughly around 1pm but i wasnt complaining...We made it to tga and me and roman had a prank on fonzi.. He thought i was in boston to hang out with this girl meanwhile me and roman had him thinking the other direction. LOL
Fonzi arrives in the game room and roman says beast stand up and Fonzi's face = PRICELESS... it went from -_- to O_O WTF!!!! and the first words out of his mouth was " I FUCKING HATE YOU GUYS" lolol we had him good... we had a bunch of freestyle & spinning sessions on 5th mix , supernova 2 and played alot of IIDX and various fighters.. The teriyaki burgers were fucking delicious as fuck... i upgraded my wangan care to full basic at 620 HP (skyline GTR BN34 i know i like big cars cause im a big guy) and my RX-7 FD on IDV4 is 5 , 3 , 1 , 1 on the stats...it was a great day nonetheless

Sunday morning 10 am... I wake up and start packing my stuffs...me and roman jus chill for the day and recollect everything from this weekend... Lots of fun stuff.. We hung out at the bus terminal for a bit and talked about manny , fonzi and javi coming to NY this week..I REALLY hope they can make it...if so... this weekend will be set...I got on the bus around 3:30 and got back in NY around 8...I went to CF for a bit and spoke with dan and sam about the trip and how much fun it was...played some initial D for a lil bit and im surprised with my improvement... My times on akagi , akina , Irohazaka and tsukuba have dropped tremendously. but i still suck at akina...I wont be able to beat tak for a while...

To sum it all up I almost cried when i saw 5th mix at TGA considering that was the game that made me who i am in the DDR community....playing songs like hot limit , Do me , in the heat of the night , Furuhata's theme , and boys euro mix...ugh the memories were just great.....

I'm definetly gonna make another trip to tga soon
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HEY YO WHATS UP EVERYBODY? [Jun. 4th, 2008|05:11 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Since the last hookah session was off the chain im gonna be planning another hookah session meet up NEXT WEEKEND (june 14th)

Since The night before (june 13th) is a party i believe we should all go to the party on the 13th and get together once again for a hookah session..

Since the trance CD touched everyone's hearts this time im taking requests for a mix for next saturday's session... Gimme some Idea's and ill put it to work

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Hookah session 5/31/08 [Jun. 1st, 2008|05:11 am]
[mood |accomplished]


Tonight started off by me going to CF and meeting with people around 8 ish.. not that many people were there but the crowd gradually got bigger..we had a total of 14 people come through tonight..it does suck tho that alot of people couldnt come through due to various issues.. We all ordered the grape house special and started the night off with the CD I made... let's jus say the mood was PERFECT.. Mellow , loving , and relaxing... I can honestly say tonight was soo much fun..im glad everyone came out and took their time to hang out...

The dancing after the session was alot of fun too.. Alot of people were in their happy places while listening to the tracks and smoking up ^_^ lots of good epic trance was played tonight..

Definetly gotta do it again soon.... And to everyone who enjoyed the music


Enjoy it you guys

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My life as of recently? [May. 12th, 2008|10:54 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Well..its been a while since ive posted anything in this LJ..but lets start with the following

My Weight

I'm glad to say i dropped a total of 40 pounds of fat and gained 15 in muscle..so im keeping myself very healthy..my mixed martial arts program is back on track

My social life

I've been opening myself up more and I believe im more confident with myself as i was last year

My love life..

Meh nothing here...nothing has really been happening..I see opportunities..but im usually the one with the bad luck when it comes to this issue..


I've noticed myself getting back into shape with DDR and ITG and also maintaining some really good scores...I've also gotten much better in halo , call of duty 4 , gears of war , rock band and guitar hero......so im really happy bout that

I've been going to alot of new places.. hookah bars, new locations i havent been to..etc

im really starting to enjoy myself more..forgot how it felt to have fun =]
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